….uh oh! Marques has competition!

My Name Is Walta I Leave In Alexandria, Virginia I Moved Out Hear From Las Vegas, Nevada A Couple Of Months Ago, A Little About Me I Have A Good Communication Skill, Peoples Person, Can Speak Three Languages, Multitasking Person And Can Work Independently But Loves To Work With Other Peoples,
I Have Some Experience On Data Processing, Some On Sales Since I Worked As A Marketing Manager, Some On Finance And On Management And I Know My Way Around Computers Since I Took Some Major Programming Courses, And I Have Helped In Some Charity Works While I Was In College Too With The HIV Victim Children’s In Orphanage With Ethiopian Students Associations Based Hear In The United States Of America .
And I Am Currently Working In Two Different Places And One Of Them Is Just 6 Hours A Weak And It Is On The Evening Too, So If Needed Will Be Available AM/PM.
I Have Attached My Resume Looking Forward To Hearing From You.
Have A Blessed Day Thank You In Advance.


3 Responses to ….uh oh! Marques has competition!

  1. Jamie says:

    It’s not clear that she speaks even one language, actually.

  2. Shannon says:

    “I Have A Good Communication Skill”

    What skill is that? Smoke signals? Morse code? Hand puppets?

  3. Sara says:

    I really wish you’d kept up this blog–it is hilarious. I wonder what happened to my fellow (subliterate) college students when they went out into the workforce…

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